Ana Prata

Exhibition from
20 November until 17 December 2015 
at Kubik Gallery, Porto, Portugal

For this first exhibition at the Kubikulo, BIKINI PROJETS presents Brazilian artist Ana Prata (*1980, Sete Lagoas, MG).

Working between painting and drawing, the artist explores elements of language such as figuration/abstraction, image/object, drawing, gesture, form, the popular imaginary and art history. These are elements common to the painting universe, but each work presents its internal logics, resulting from its own organization,  and form a game that is played. This exhibition is comprised of the works Cartaz (2014) and Alvorada (2014), both almost monochromatic and produced with subtle gestures, that yield them delicacy.
About the artist

Ana Prata (1980, Sete Lagoas, MG) lives and works in São Paulo. Among the exhibitions in which she has presented her work, are: the solo show O Sol e a Diferença, Galeria Milan (2014); Autoria, curadoria, reforma e contra-reforma, Alvaro Razuk Studio (2014); 18th Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, SESC Pompeia (2013); the solo show E também o elevador, o vulcão e o jantar, Tomie Ohtake Institute (2012); the solo show Jogo de desmontar, Centro Universitário Maria Antonia (2009); the solo show Sala de Espera, Centro Cultural São Paulo (2009), all in São Paulo