Daniel Albuquerque

Exhibition from
20 February until 23 April 2016
at Kubik Gallery, Porto, Portugal

For its second edition at Kubíkulo, BIKINI PROJECTS presents Brazilian artist Daniel Albuquerque (*1983, Rio de Janeiro), whose practice develops mainly through drawing and sculpture, using techniques and materials such as ceramics, brass, embroidery and knitting..

Often autobiographical, his works reflect on the sensations of the body and sexuality, seeking a release of drives. The works generates in the observer a tactile attraction, whether through the sexualization in the sculptures of intimate body parts, or through materials that relate directly to it. In more recent works made in knitting, whose preparation process is slow, manual and introspective, the artist addresses topics such as memory and landscape construction.

The work Leme, 2016, produced for this project, consists of a rectangular piece of cloth, measuring 72 cm wide and 120 cm high, and made of knitted cotton strings of different colors. The artist’s interest in this material lies on the fact that, it is easily found in popular market stores in the cities where he lives, and also that, it is part of the popular culture being widely used by artisans in the manufacture of decorative and utilitarian pieces. In Leme, the distribution of colors suggests the abstraction of a landscape image: a sunset on Leme beach in Rio de Janeiro.
About the artist

Daniel Albuquerque (*1983, Rio de Janeiro) lives and works between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. He holds a MA in
Arts and Philosophy from PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro. He attended the Programa de Aprofundamento at Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, mentored by Anna Bella Geiger, and he worked as assistant for artists Erika Verzutti and Efrain Almeida. Among the exhibitions in which he presented his works are: the solo Falsa, Castelinho do Flamengo (2015), Rio de Janeiro; Smash, BFA Rumors Fine Arts (2015), Sao Paulo; Até aqui tudo bem, White Cube São Paulo (2015), Sao Paulo; Abre Alas, A Gentil Carioca (2014), Rio de Janeiro; Oba oba, Atelier 397 (2014), Sao Paulo. He participated of the residences: Lastro - Residências artísticas (2015), Guatemala; Pivô Arte e Pesquisa (2015); Residência Artística FAAP (2015); Phosphorus + Casa Juisi (2014), all in Sao Paulo.