Marcelo Cipis

Exhibition from
5 May until 17 June 2018
at Bruthaus Gallery, Waregem, Belgium

For its third edition, BIKINI PROJECTS presents at Bruthaus Gallery (Waregem, Belgium) Brazilian artist Marcelo Cipis (*1959, São Paulo), whose practice is concerned with the human production of images, such as art history per se, but also the imagery from advertising and design. His works, which are usually paintings and drawings make reference to modernism and analyze the art system with a humorous and subtle critique.

For the project Cipis Transworld Vitrine, Cipis presents the evolution of the corporative identity of his fictious enterprise Cipis Transworld, a multinational company that produces goods for the well-being of humanity such as soap, pyrex, shoe wax, amongst others, dealing with the idea of the artist-as-producer and the artist-as-enterprise. Cipis Transwolrd was first presented as an installation in 1991 at the São Paulo Biennial. 
About the artist

Marcelo Cipis (*1959, São Paulo) lives and works in São Paulo. He recently showed his work at: Spike Berlin (2017); Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo (2017); KUNSTHALLE São Paulo (2015).